Alfred Headshot BW

Alfred’s History

As a young child Alfred was already interested in cars.  His mom tells the story of Alfred using her house knives for tools. He used the “tools” to carve cars out of wood.  These cars were his favorite.  He not only enjoyed making them but he was already interested in cars in general.  When Alfred  was eleven years old  he tried to adjust the valves on his mom’s ’56 Ford. Needless to say she had to put the car in the shop to be fixed.  At the age of fifteen Alfred’s mom gave him that same 1956 Ford as his first car.  He proceeded to modify the car to his liking.  He even added a hood scoop which he made out of a refrigerator  door.  He drove that ’56 ford all the way through high school  while enjoying racing here and there.

After high school, Alfred served  a tour in the Air Force and saw a lot of the world.  During that time (1969-1971) he was involved in a S.C.C.A. road racing team out of Mexico City, Mexico.  This only served to intensify the racing in his blood.  That was when he realized he liked Drag racing best.  He also learned  at that time to fabricate roll cages.

After leaving the Air Force Alfred moved to Corpus Christi Texas where he worked  on secular jobs while perfecting his racing knowledge base.  He raced a 1965 Ford Falcon until 1977.  From the beginning of Alfred’s racing days he always relied on his own ability and talent to modify or build whatever was needed.

In 1973 one of  Alfred’s friends was looking at Grumpy Jenkins ’72 Pro Stock Vega and ask Alfred if he (Alfred) could build a car like that.   Alfred replied that he could build one if he had one.  So the next day his friend drives up to the garage (where Alfred was working) in a ’73 Vega about six months old.  His friend had bought it for Alfred to fulfill his word.  This was the first car that  Alfred built.  Without having the proper  benders and such; Alfred improvised  by using sand in the tubing to insure that it wouldn’t kink while bending the heated pipe around a telephone pole.  This was the very beginning of WhiteSide Race Cars.

Thirty years later  Alfred has improved on his techniques and has stayed true to his values.  He has become wiser and more proficient  in everything he does and still hasn’t found anything he can’t do.  His true specialty remains fast door cars.  He is still in great demand because of his quality and service.  He  has remained for the most part a one man show due to his desire to see that only quality leaves his shop doors.